Not to be mistaken with the awkward encounter between two women who have just found out the boy is neither theirs.

*Brandy x Monica reference*

Woman to Woman is a female led digital media platform designed to narrate the stories of women, creating safe spaces for conscious conversation, and sharing experiences to help empower women worldwide.

As a black woman that has had a rollercoaster of a journey with loving and finding myself, I have always had a heart for women who needed an outlet to share their experiences and a way to understand that they could get through their different circumstances one way or another. Starting with creating a space for young women to share experiences and find similarities in their journeys as well as the journeys of women that came before them.

It was founded in 2015, with the aim to create a platform where the authentic experiences of women did not seem as foreign as society made it out to be. Created with the purpose to bring, share and build a community that found likeness in each other.

We produce events, online discussions, podcast and articles on topics that deserve to have a centre stage conversation.

- Your most effective ministry may come out of your deepest hurts -

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